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"Our patients LOVE them and always comment on how comfortable they are."

"It was a pleasure dealing with Select Gowns..."

"They are well made and look fabulous after washing."

"The gowns are durable and are a good investment."

"Thank you for this great product!"


Welcome to Select Gowns!

We specialize in premium reusable hospital gowns, medical gowns, mammography gowns and exam robes. Exami-Gowns were designed by a woman for a patient’s personal comfort and dignity during a physical exam. In addition to being patient pleasing, they are also physician friendly.

Exami-Gowns continue to be written about in medical industry and lay audience publications and have been a headline news story on national major television networks. The quality construction and attention to detail make our products a welcome alternative to conventional paper sheets or cloths.

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Radiology Accessories
  • OB/Gyn gown can be opened at the back neckline
  • Opening in the front allows access to the front of the neck, breasts, underarms and abdomen
Exami Gown Mammography Cape
  • The most popular and still best value Exami Gown Mamo Cape

Why Choose Select Gowns?

  • Comfort: Your patients will experience a quality garment, a comfort they deserve.
  • Dignity: Our gowns help dignify the office visit. Your patients won't feel like a hamburger wrapped in paper.
  • Confidence: Both your staff and your patients will benefit from a better exam experience.
  • Cost Savings: Select Gowns clients know that our products make sense and cents. You'll quickly recover the initial cost. Use our Savings Estimator to find out how much you'll be saving.
  • Loyalty: When your patients are comfortable, they are much more likely to revisit your practice.