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"Our patients LOVE them and always comment on how comfortable they are."

"It was a pleasure dealing with Select Gowns..."

"They are well made and look fabulous after washing."

"The gowns are durable and are a good investment."

"Thank you for this great product!"




Mission Statement

To supply the medical market with unique and exclusive gowns which are designed to provide patient dignity, comfort and confidence. While we serve many markets, we concentrate on providing perfect products for mammography, OB/GYN and subsequent procedures. The gowns are both patient pleasing and physician friendly.

The SoftTouch brand gowns were conceived more than two decades ago as a provider of high quality, patient friendly fabric alternatives to scratchy paper exam gowns typically found in physician offices and hospitals. Since then, SoftTouch has developed a number of gowns that have been created with the dignity and comfort of patients in mind. Select Gowns has been supplying the medical market and individual consumers with high quality gowns since 2003.

Economic and Environmental Incentives

In addition to softening a patients' experience, Select Gowns offers economic and environmental incentives to you. Consider that switching from paper gowns to fabric gowns can save thousands of dollars annually. See our Savings Estimator for more information.