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"Our patients LOVE them and always comment on how comfortable they are."

"It was a pleasure dealing with Select Gowns..."

"They are well made and look fabulous after washing."

"The gowns are durable and are a good investment."

"Thank you for this great product!"




What’s so special about Select Gowns?

Quality Construction
We have gone to great lengths to make our products as virtually indestructible as possible, even through repeated commercial laundering. And they are proudly manufactured in the USA under quality conditions.

Sturdy Fabrics
Our fabrics adhere to the industry 4A Wash Standard, which means they will resist fading in the harsh, high heat environment of commercial laundries.

Our gowns save money compared to throwing away investments in paper gowns.

Our various sizes (Regular to 4x and Ultra Size) accommodate patients up to 400+ pounds.

Our selection of pastel colors, available in blue, green, mauve & white.

High heat resistant, secure hook and loop fasteners are virtually indestructible. They won’t fray like ties and rust, like metal snaps. With the absence of metal, our gowns can be used in any laser or x-ray procedure. Even patients with arthritis can easily apply pressure to close the openings.

Environmental Safety
Wash and wear fabric eliminates the use of costly disposable products and addresses the need for environmental consciousness.

Patient Comfort
Our gowns promote a dignified examination for patients by ensuring modest coverage. Patients feel completely at ease when they have to move from room to room during an office or hospital visit.

Provider Convenience
Our gowns don’t restrict the provider in any way during an examination. In fact, we help the provider to feel more comfortable while conducting their examination.