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OB/GYN Gowns
OB/GYN Gowns
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Should a pelvic exam be necessary, the OB/GYN Gown design provides a pleat in front which opens to become a "drape Sheet" or tent over the knees. This one product eliminates the need for a separate drape sheet, saving storage space and laundering costs. We pride ourselves on providing the most dignified styled gowns for women when an OB/GYN exam is necessary. Using the Velcro closure, our OB/GYN gown can be opened at the back neckline allowing the health care provider access to examine the neck, back, lower back and underarms. The second part of the exam (upper front torso) can be easily performed by opening the front Velcro closure thereby allowing access to the front of the neck, breasts, underarms and abdomen. For a Pelvic exam the gowns design provides a pleat in front which opens to become a Drape Sheet. A Sonogram can be performed and the Patient remain fully covered (access to the abdomen by opening the middle Velcro closure in front of gown). Will easily accommodate a full term pregnancy. Regular: Petite to 200lbs 2X: 200lbs to 300lbs 4X: 300lbs to 400lbs Stock Number EXA100 Available in three colors! Please email orders to Please add 6.00 per cape for 2X and 4X sizes.

Color: Mauve
Size: Regular
2X (+$5.00)
4X (+$5.00)
Price: $50.00