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"Our patients LOVE them and always comment on how comfortable they are."

"It was a pleasure dealing with Select Gowns..."

"They are well made and look fabulous after washing."

"The gowns are durable and are a good investment."

"Thank you for this great product!"




Stop throwing away your investment!

Invest one time in dignified cloth Select Gowns and start saving immediately. 

Exami-Gowns has been supplying “The only gowns of their kind in the world” since the early 1980s. A focused study of hundreds of physicians and medical care providers found:

Cost of average paper gown: $.75 each - $.60 each (2-ply) to $.99 each (3-ply)

Cost of average paper drape sheet: $.38 each - $.23 each (2-ply) to $.52 each (3-ply)

Total cost per patient: $1.13 each

Most physicians see 30 patients per day on average.
Therefore, paper gown solutions cost:

$33.90 per day
$169.50 per week
$8,814.00 per year

How does this compare to your investment in cloth Exami-Gowns?

We suggest a three day per level to keep on hand. So, 90 Exami-Gowns at $26.50 each is an initial investment of $2,385.00. A commercial launderer providing pickup and delivery service will be necessary to clean your Exami-Gowns. Average cost of laundering, pickup and delivery is .50 cents per item.

Average weekly laundry costs: $75.00 per week or $3,900.00 per year
Cost to acquire 90 Exami-Gowns and one year of laundry: $6,285.00

Your investment in Exami-Gowns pays for itself in 8.6 months

Savings in year 1 =     $2,529.00
Savings in year 5 =   $22,185.00
Savings in year 10 = $46,755.00